racing on two wheels was not fast enough for bikeboneyard star racer jessica brown. jessica is now gettin busy on 4 wheels in her raptor powered kart. as can be seen in the pic below jessica is still flyin the boneyard colors

keep it on at LEAST two wheels jessica!

the latest racers(grand nephews of mine) of the boneyard.......found all the way out in hawaii. cody and cj brown. the brown bros. the flyin hawaiins. representin the boneyard on the big island.
below is cj brown "gettin after it" in his 1st race.

twist it braugh!!!

bruddah cody runnin it hard on a straightaway

go code-man !

below are a few speedway racers who have gotten mixed up with the bikeboneyard

tyler (hillbilly) hansen warming up at the boise indoor ice race

tyler hansen in action

carsen (crazy) shefts at boise ice race

smokin joe havonic

smokin joe leading charlie cooley at the boise indoor ice race

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