bikeboneyard pets!!

this young buck has called the boneyard his home

Boneyard cat Bella R.I.P.
after a lengthy illness boneyard bella passed away on july 2nd, 2010. she was a great little friend and one heck of a mouser.she will be sorely missed.

Rabbit vs Snake. Rabbit-1, Snake -0. you gotta see this

go here..... not a boneyard critter action story but just another reason why kitty kats kick ass

not a boneyard pet but i just had to post this pic!
they just had to bring the cat!!

buzzards invade boneyard!!!
well..maybe not real vulture style buzzards but these turkeys kind of look like buzzards. and maybe they did not really invade.......i sort of enticed them with boneyard bunny food so i could snap some pics of them. to my delight (and the boneyard cats terror) these semi friendly gobblers mosey through the boneyard on a regular basis.

gobble gobble gobble!

original boneyard kitty gone missing!!!! baby lucky, the original boneyard cat, has not been seen since sat night( 5/14/05). lucky has not lived at the boneyard for sometime now. has been living at friend linda's house. if anyone in the vicinity of ironcap road, stevensville, mt has seen a 3 legged black cat please email me. this cat is very dear to me and especially to linda. hopefully she will show up soon. ,

missing cat!!!!

boneyard bunny!
the latest critter to officially inhabit the boneyard. this rather large rabbit is no wild cottontail or jack rabbit. this big bunny is definitely a domestic gone wild....... on the lam.... an escapee. has hopped the hutch. first seen last fall hopping about the outer reaches of the boneyard bikes i thought this out of place buggs bunny would be quickly caught by a coyote, dog , or mountain lion . this guy(or girl??, dont know ) might not be a wild breed but must definitely be wily cuz has been around all winter. apparently has found safe haven amongst the bikebones of the bikeboneyard. usually this little guy would hop off when ever i was near by. today (mar 5) i found him huddling beside a honda c-100. actually let me pet his nose briefly. so i went and got my camera with a few goodies from the fridge... some sprouts, lettuce, and other greens. the boneyard bunny was not having any of em but did let me snap some pics.
welcome boneyard bunny! hope the boneyard cat and boneyard rabbit do not mix it up

hidin out at the boneyard

hope he does not bite!

new boneyard cat!
the latest addition to the boneyard staff. bella, a mature female cat(and one hell of a mouser!) has taken over as the official boneyard cat. the previous feline boneyard marauder, baby lucky, has moved permanently on to safer enviros(linda's house). too many dangers for 3 legged cats at the boneyard. unfortunately luckys new home was inhabited by a most territorial but sweet kitty named bella. bella was having no part of the 3 legged intruder. woopings were a many with the 3 legged lucky on the losing end. so...... a cat exchange was the solution. bella has come to the boneyard and is doing quite nicely!

the "bella" of the boneyard!

boneyard kitty recovered and doing well!!
her fur has grown back in and she is as fiesty as ever. she might have 75% of her legs but she has 110% of her spirit!

boneyard kitty loses leg!!

unfortunately baby lucky's leg nerve did not recover from her previous accident. the leg had to be amputated. to say the least she was not happy. the surgery went fine but she was madder than a bug when she came home. between the hood, huge body bandage (not seen in pics) and loss of leg the poor little kitty could not even walk. she just fell over. and rolled around growling. i had to remove the hood so she could then roll into a pile of food to eat and drink. unfortunately she then proceded to rip her bandage off and then started getting into the stitches. so.... back to the vet but not before i had to put on some leather gloves and a heavy wool shirt and battle her back into the cat carrier. the vet then glued the wound shut again and decided to go with out the bandage since it makes her so unhappy. it took 3 of us to get the hood back on. now she is at lindas(she has a way with animals) house and doing fine. she has regained her balance and is back to her fiesty self. the wound drain comes out in a few days and the stiches in a couple weeks. hopefully her fur once grown back will cover the nasty frankenstein scar

bikeboneyard pets!!

boneyard cat rehabbing again!
now 6 months old kitty (a female) needs to be fixed. there will be no replicating of this little terror. surgery went well but once back home she tore out her stitches thus the collar that you see below. still no improvement on her leg.

boneyard kitty cheats death-----again!!
girlfriend linda has named the cat "babylucky". it is a name most fitting after the kitty's latest adventure. while traveling in a car from linda's house to the bikeboneyard, lucky jumped without detection out an open window. unfortunately another 5 miles had gone by before her presence was missed. a search party was quickly formed to find the fiesty feline. the hills of montana can be very daunting for a kitten not versed in ourdoor survival. coyotes, lack of food and water, birds of prey and cranky hillbillies are just some of the challenges awaiting a lost kittycat. our initial search attempt turned up nothing. we even employed linda's dog kola and cat timber to look !!! the next plan was to canvas the town with flyers. baby lucky's plight was known to all. 24 hours went by and still nothing although linda thought she heard a cat meowing a few times. after 24 hours went by almost everyone doubted the cat could be found alive. next plan was to use a humane trap to catch her if she was still in the area. another plan was to use a hound dog to track the cat. one of the neighbors had hounds for mountain lion hunts so linda walked down to his house to ask for assistance. the neighbor said the dogs could find the cat but would tear her to pieces if they actually found her. the hound option was quickly dismissed. while exiting the hound house driveway linda began calling for lucky.... and voila the little one appeared!!. the kitten was found almost exactly 48 hours after being lost. yipee ..a miracle. unfortunately lucky suffered nerve damage when she hit the road after jumping from the car. currently her right front leg is paralyzed. the vet gives her leg a 50/50 chance of recovery in a year if we massage the leg daily. this is one tough kitty, between being abandoned in the winter at 4 weeks and surviving 48 hours without food, water and with a bad leg in an area teaming with coyotes and wandering domestic dogs.

boneyard kitty in rehab!!

now at 12 weeks old, the boneyard kitty is tearing it (and especially me) up!! this little monster runs wide open and is always on the pipe. no catnip needed for this ferocious feline!!

goooood kitty.......

OUCH!!! let go you little devil
2 week old kitty found barely clinging to life huddled in a dead bultaco's airbox in a bikeboneyard shed
now doing quite well and in training as a fully sponsered bikeboneyard rodent eliminator
stay tuned for more cat action!!

just a little tiny one

such a cute little one

feedin time

stay tuned for more cat action in the near future

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